Character Profiles

The Players of the Spiritual Realm Soap Opera Called Lightning Prophetess


Shandra Knight/Lightning Prophetess

Shandra Knight is our reluctant slacker heroine.  Our "prophetess-in training" so to speak. Shan just so happened to be drafted into the spiritual war for souls as the Lightning Prophetess.  As LP, she goes into the spiritual realm and fight a whole lot of demons, principalities, and all sorts of evil creatures.  Not to mention the dark spiritual warriors, The Black Claw Coven on her tail.  When she is not battling demons, or dodging Kat and her training, she is scarfing down pancakes at the Temple of Pancakes and somehow enjoying life.  Despite her nonchalant nature, Shan hides a painful memory and determined to win each battle at all costs.



Katrina Porter/Gloryfyre

Katrina Porter, the adopted daughter of pastors, she serves as Shan's unofficial mentor to the spiritual world.  A hard taskmaster, she puts Shan through well...a lot of hardships as it relates to her training.  As a prophetess herself, she is the powerful spiritual warrior known as Gloryfyre.  Lived a sheltered life in a highly strict Christian enviroment, Kat comes to grips with public college life as Shandra helps her to make friends and gives her shared social experiences.  From a life that was planned out for her, will Kat find God's will for her own life?




Quan Kingston/Builder

The friend who comes in on a clutch.  He gets dragged into the spiritual fight after LP saved him from the demon of Lust, Xellon.  Quan's pragmatic but quiet strength is an asset to the team.  As the warrior Builder, with great faith comes great responsiblity. With his friends at his side, Quan will grow strong. Will Quan seek to be the better person God has him to be?





Larissa Buchannan/Scarlett Priestess

The youngest sister of Shandra's deceased friend Laura, the wild child Larissa is the Scarlet Priestess.  Mentored by Earwin Hawkes, with her flame lariat in hand, demons watch out!  Larissa serves as the big sister figure of the group since she is older than Shan but younger than Jayden.  This pits her in some interesting squabbles.  Larissa's free nature and her tendency to speak her mind don't really go over so well with Hawkes, but through it all she proves to be a formidable warrior.




Jayden Morris/Barriage

Armorbearer to Hawkes, this self-proclaimed ladies man can tear down a demonic stronghold with ease.  With an eagerness to join LP and her cause, Jayden also has feelings for Shan.  In between his duties with Hawkes and the J Crew.  Jayden has a spiritual heritage of his own.  Will he come into the fullness of his destiny?