Print and Stuff
by Shandra "Shan" Koger (MizzShan)

So here it is...the finish line.  Phew...we are busy busy busy.  Trying to get this issue finished was a challenge but it is done.

LP Video Game....Yeah....
by Shandra "Shan" Koger (MizzShan)

Hey if you came here from the Maffett Art site.  1.  There is no LP video game, he used a cover from my April Fools Joke, when I made a fake videogame cover.  Glad you stop by though.  Friends do come through interestingly enough.  However, this is legitimate.  Yes there is a Lightning Prophetess Graphic Novel that will be out this summer.  Here's the cover.

LP DSW Cover

Next Update
by Shandra "Shan" Koger (MizzShan)

Been working on some video projects so due to this, LP will be updated on Saturday this week along with Trial by Lena. Thanks for understanding.-Shan :)

by Shandra "Shan" Koger (MizzShan)

I simply forgot today's update so...I'll go ahead to do some omake art so Friday you can check it out with the next 3 pages of LP. -Shan

Working and Twearking
by Shandra "Shan" Koger (MizzShan)

Ok, I got to stick to the plan so here's the first 7 pages  of LP#10.  Now I got to CG pages 8-13 like a mug if you know what I mean.  Meanwhile, I am doing this LP update as soon as I can start on the first 4 pages of Trial by Lena.  I got to be ready for the 7.21.12 release date before you know it.  Wait this space for the next LP update on Friday. :)  Hopefully I can do some character profile pages soon.- Shan

PS.  The artbook is coming soon. :)